A bus to SPIEL '18 in Essen

A bus to SPIEL '18 in Essen

27 Oct 05:30 - 22:00 - Hesperange
P & R Howald

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The annual trip to board-, card-, and roleplaying Valhalla.

The details of the bus trip are to be confirmed, but looked like this in '17:

We'll be leaving P+R Howald at 5:30 to drive to Essen (with a break along the way) for an arrival time of +-10:00.

The return journey is set for by 18:30 (with a break along the way) ending at P+R Howald at around 23:00.

There are +-50 seats available.

The price for the bus is currently 58€. Should more people join there will be handbacks.

Tickets for the event itself will be available here, we might, again, try to coordinate some group tickets: www.merz-verlag-en.com/tickets--times.html

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